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The Purpose Paradigm

Connecting Purpose, People and Place – and Why It Matters

JOIN US ONLINE | February 8, 2021 10:00 am – 11:30 am Central Time

Presented by Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute and Performa Inc.

Purpose-driven, people-first cultures and intentionally designed places don’t just survive, they thrive. This interactive webinar with Chapman & Co will explore how organizations can bring together Purpose, People and Place and the benefits of connecting all three in our current environment. The year 2020 brought its fair share of challenges between the pandemic, economic hardships and political turmoil. This webinar is a positive kick start to 2021 and shares the Purpose Paradigm, a concept that can help organizations not just survive but thrive and flourish.

Join us for an uplifting and engaging session to:

  • Understand the benefits of the purpose paradigm and practical ways to integrate Purpose, People and Place in your workplace.
  • Discuss what it means to develop a clear and compelling purpose that inspires and provides a clear sense of direction.
  • Learn how to engage your people by using your values to guide decision-making, authentic communication, and care and recognition.
  • Engage in some interactive visioning exercises that explore the role of space in reinforcing purpose and values. This will include case studies of spaces that are designed to reinforce purpose and demonstrate how core values are built into the physical environment, even as the built environment continues to evolve around us.

The webinar will be co-hosted by Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute and Performa. At Chapman, we share a belief that an organization isn’t just a workplace, it’s where individuals spend most of their daily life. We believe the greatest opportunity for good in this world lies within the organizations we interact with every day and it begins with their people. At Performa, we believe we exist to give purpose the space to thrive and that a transformational outcome is the result.

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